How to Potty Train Your Toddler

There is nothing worse than the fact that kids and toddlers can poop in their pants. Cleaning your kids potty all the time is really annoying thing. You can easily find that there are lots of methods used by parents to teach their kids about how to do potty and if you are one of them who is really irritated then there are couple of methods to help in out.

The common issue among infant and toddlers’ parents is regarding potty. They have to keep on changing clothes of infants so that kids don’t face any sort of issue. Even it is important too otherwise such age kids start crying and you can’t sleep.

Even there are school going kids who are doing the same thing. Washing clothes of school going kid is really frustrating and annoy the most. If you don’t want to end up getting into any sort of issue then it is time to potty train your toddlers.

Things to Know About

Everyone should potty train their kids because they will not learn even after being adult. It is better to teach them in their toddler age and they are surely going to learn so many things. It makes things easier and reliable that’s why you should focus on teaching work way earlier.

The common issue occur among most of parent is how to make your kid potty in the toilet instead of pants. Teaching such things requires patience and you need to spend time. The more time you spend the better they will learn.

Potty Train in a Week

There are total five steps that you have to follow otherwise teaching how to potty and where are two typical things. First thing first and you need to made your mind that it is possible to train your kid about how to potty. You have to believe that potty train is really easy and anyone can do it. Just believe in it and get started by following the upward steps.

  • The first thing is to tell your kid that why not to pee and potty in pants. It is really a typical thing because you have to focus on all the negative things and tell him/her that why it is bad. After this, you should use wiper and tell them how to use it. This is a step by step process.
  • In every morning after waking up and night before going to bed, make your kid to poop. What it does is to empty their stomach and they will have less chances of peeing or pooping inside. Even you can make a schedule like going to poop in the day time like in afternoon. These are three times when anyone can get numerous benefits and it is reliable option to go with.
  • By this step, your kid will be habitual of staying hygiene and he/she won’t poop earlier. Even if he poop or pee then he/she will feel stinky and don’t like it at all. In such conditions, they are going to stay away from these kind of things and leave habits which can make them face issues.
  • There is one more method to follow. You may know that toddlers learn by imitation and watching others. Whenever you use a bathroom they think that mom use it differently than dad. Even it will help them learn about genitals. You may know that most of kids call their penis pee-pee which doesn’t sound bad and embracing.
  • Sitting on the toilet seat is really typical and you can easily find numerous reasons why kids hate it but you have to teach them about sitting perfectly. It is going to take them little time but they will learn it sooner and you just have to focus on schedule now.

Isn’t it easy to teach your kids about how to poop and this guide is mainly for males, not for female child.

Key Facts

It is really important to have a basic knowledge of genitals otherwise they can end up learning some embracing names. Even you can teach about their body anatomy with pictures and tell the importance of peeing and pooping on right time. Teach them about controlling and going to toilet whenever they get the constipation which will make them better and it is really helpful in many ways.

Even teaching the method to poop is always typical for once. Kids know that how to poop but there is need of guiding them. The next thing to use a toilet paper and in Asian countries, water is used. So, you need to teach the method of pooping and then washing it out or wiping it. These factors will take little time but you can easily teach about it. These tips can make things reliable and you can get rid of all the issues with ease.

Buying Equipment

If your baby is a toddler and you are thinking that how to teach popping then there are two things which can help for sure. You have to buy equipment that make your kids poop with ease. There are plenty of products available in market which can help for sure.

On the other hand, there are some alarms available that will give you an alert whenever the kid is about to pee or poop. These equipment are available in market at reasonable prices and you can easily try these out to get rid of all the issues with ease which makes things easier.

So, What’s The Final Verdict?

You have to follow all the tips mentioned for couple of weeks but we recommend you to give it a try for single week. A week is enough to teach and there is need of practicing every day. Even you should tell them about hygiene like how to wash hands and why to wash. Giving reasons for every single thing will let them know importance and it is quite helpful to get rid of every single issue.